Band of the Week: Zak Smith

Haven’t done one of these in a while, but we wanted to take a moment to highlight an awesome Smacktone Studios regular: Zak Smith.

Zak Smith grew up in New Jersey and formed his signature style listening to rock, blues, alternative, folk, and Irish music. From Montclair, Zak has toured the east coast and Europe, received coast to coast buzz, and has built some powerful new fan involvement. Full steam ahead, Zak is currently playing, writing, recording, and getting ready for a big 2013.

Visit Zak at, Facebook, and Twitter, and check out their video for “Crawling” below:

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Smacktone Studios featured in Lamplighter Magazine

Pick up a copy of the issue HERE to read the full article.

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Band of the Week: The Hipshots

It’s that time again….

Smacktone Studios’ latest band of the week are our friends in The Hipshots.

Check out their Facebook page, and check out some of their tunes below.

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Instrument Storage

Just wanted to let everyone know that beginning in February, SmackTone Studios will begin offering instrument storage services for $20/month (if you’d like to store a full drum kit, please contact us as rates will vary).

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Band of the Week: Saigon Bullets

It’s that time again…

This week’s “Band of the Week” are our main dudes in Saigon Bullets. According to the guys’ Facebook page, “Saigon Bullets formed in Aug 09. It was just a couple of guys jamming in a garage in Bergen County NJ, with little to NO gear. We decided that we like making noise and began to collaborate and write. Every time we Jammed it became more and more apparent: we needed to form Saigon Bullets and shared what we were doing with the rest of the world! And Now You’re Reading This so ENJOY AND SHARE!”

Check out their music below, and “Like” them on Facebook.


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Band of the Week: The Sixth Ward

It’s that time again…

This week’s “Band of the Week” is indie rock outfit, The Sixth Ward. These SmackTone regulars hail from Allendale, NJ, and are on the verge of releasing their latest LP. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s out.

In the mean time, visit them out on YouTube and Facebook, and make sure to check out their music below.


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Band of the Week: Mindswitch

This week’s Band of the Week is none other than Mind Switch. Per their Facebook page:

“Emerging from the depths of Jersey, as an experimental alternative mush of sound, Mindswitch has consistently molded and have grown like a living Petri dish, fueled by an array of influences from blues to death. It is within this open minded approach, and vast approval of any musical creativity, that has allowed Mindswitch to be… An intense cocktail made from the powerful blender that is diversity. From hard hitting dirty riffs bearing a twist of melodic orchestry, to pulsing mesmerizing yet rudely awakening tribal beats, Mindwitch cuts through the all too common mold of the musical genres of today. Only to smear the sound waves a little more, the ground trembling bass compliments the vicious twister of poetry bleeding out creepy whispers to immediate soul wrenching screams… This is the true Frankenstein of music… A little something for everyone. You want it. They got it.
As for their intense stage performance… It’s a must see for yourself.”

Check these dudes out at Dingbatz on October 2nd!

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Band of the Week: Sea Flower

Just wanted to take a quick minute to give a shout out to an awesome group of Smacktone regulars: Sea Flower. According to their Facebook page:

“Sea Flower is a solo music project started by, New Jersey native, Joseph Biondi. His style of music is a concoction of rock genres such as blues, folk, and country, as well as a hint of the psychedelic sounds of the 1960′s. His songs can range from topics like love, hate, life, death, freedom, captivity, amongst many more.”

Check out this video of them performing “1968,” live at Smacktone Studios’ Music Hall:

Check out their other tunes here:

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Our Friends: The Replicants and Back to Pangea

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give you a heads up about two bands that you may regularly see coming in and out of SmackTone Studios: The Replicants and Back to Pangea.

The Replicants are not your ordinary cover band. “Hailing from the New Jersey tri state area they bring together all the elements neccessary to bring your next club date or party to the next level. The Replicants cover every style but specialize in rock and hip hop with modern dance and house influences. New and edgy combined with experience and professionalism!” Make sure to check them out on August 20th at The Ringside Pub in Caldwell, or one of the other upcoming shows on their schedule.

The Replicants

You should also definitely check out our dudes in Back to Pangea (Rich Spychaj,Kelly Smith, Don Burke and Matt Michura). They just sent us some new jams. Check out this hotness….

Back to Pangea

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