Smacktone Studios can booked by hour, half-day or day.
All cancellations must made 24 hours in advance your reservation to avoid being charged full price.

Studio rates as follows:

  • Studios 1-5: $35/hour
  • Studio 6: $40/hour
  • Music Hall: $45/hour

Book package to receives 10% discount (please note this offer excludes Studio 6 & Music Hall):

  • Five 2-hour Sessions: $315
  • Five 3-Hour Sessions: $472
  • Ten 2-Hour Sessions: $630
  • Ten 3-Hour Sessions: $945
  • Guitar – $10/session
  • Bass – $10/session
  • Keyboard – $10/session
  • Cymbals Set – $5/session
  • Snare Drum – $5/session
  • Guitar Strap – $2/session
  • Instrument Cable – $2/session
  • BOOK ONLINE: Make reservation through websites online booking system using credit card.
  • BOOK BY PHONE: Make reservation over phone by calling 973-638-1771 and using credit card.
  • BOOK IN-PERSON: Visit the studios in person, in advance your desired time, and make reservation using credit card or cash.
  • WALK-INS: Visit the studios in person at time you’d like rehearse, and pay for available rooms using credit card or cash. Please note that cannot guarantee room will the available using this option.
  • SMACKTONE MEMBERSHIP: Visit the studios in person and set up “Smacktone Membership.” For one-time $50 deposit, using either cash or credit card, Smacktone Members are given ability their call-in reservations and pay for reservation upon arrival. For some reason cancel within 24 hours your reservation or fail to show up, will forfeit your $50 deposit. The deposit can exchanged for two hours of rehearsal time or refunded in full at time.



Smacktone is family business.

We are rehearsal space, recording studio, and performance venue.

We are open during the following hours:

Monday – Friday: 5pm – 12am
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: 12pm – 10pm*

*On Saturdays and Sundays, are available by appointment only. Please make sure to book in advance!